Shaving Cream Tutorial

Shaving Cream Tutorial

by Beate Johns

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Use re-inker and shaving cream to get a wonderful smelling background.


Shaving cream

2-3 dye ink pad re-inkers (Frayed Burlap and Spiced Marmalade Distress Re-inkers used here)

Wooden stick

Container (paper plate used here)

Card stock

Paper towels

Stamps, The Cat's Pajama's used here


Step 1
Fill your container with shaving cream

Use a wooden stick to smooth it out a bit.

Step 2
Add several drops of each of your re-inker colors to your shaving cream.

Step 3
Mix shaving cream and re-inker in a swirling motion

Step 4
Continue to mix until you like the design/swirls you see.

Step 5
Press your card stock into the shaving cream. Make sure the card front is completely coated. 

Step 6
Pull card stock out of the shaving cream.

Step 7 (optional)
Lay another piece of card stock on top of the one covered in shaving cream. Press together then pull apart giving you two shaving cream coated pieces of card stock.

This will give you two shaving cream coated pieces of card stock.

Step 8
Take a paper towel and wipe away the shaving cream in a swirling motion.

Step 9
Let dry.

Step 10
Finish your card. Either layer an image on top or stamp directly onto the background.

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